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Assassin's Creed III review

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1Assassin's Creed III review Empty Assassin's Creed III review on December 6th 2012, 4:17 am


Alright I'm gonna try my best to not ruin the game. Here's hoping I dont. Cool
So first is the Plot. Rating: 7.5
This game has more plot twists than an M. Night. Shamalan movie ok! The plot of the ancestors is pretty well written for its era. You play a Native American as your normal, and he is trying to save his land from the clonial government of a young USA. You help the colonist's or the reds if need be. But it's mostly for his own good overall. Now the reason it's not a 10 is the future plot. You once again play Desmond, who has finished his training and can actually do missions!!! Sad news (look away if you must) you get like 4(!!!!) missions for him. And it's mostly free-runing so not too exciting. And it's all to stop the coming doom of... guess what!!... 2012!!! HOLY F**K NO WAY!!! Ok moving on...
Originality: 9ish
I think its original, but not to its seris. It kinda follows AC2 for the ancestor for about one whole segment but outside that part it BLEW MY MIND! I mean who hasn't played a civil war game? Yes this isn't like most of those. But the story is kinda overdone in a way. Now the future story.... im not going there...
Sound: 9
I admit im going off my tv and surround sound. And I heard they made a patch for some bugs. Idk. But the initial sound quialty itself was AMAZING. Explosions from powder kegs were a lil over loud but the rest of the game sounded amazing. To the crashing waves while out on sea, to the snow storm in the middle of winter. the sounds were just amwazing! Thunderstorms, typhoons, just standing in the forset, all these sounds were perfectly matched to real life. And the vioce play was to me a lil off. The sound seemed just a bit static like now and then.
Graphics: 10
I could not look away from my tv. like ever. The skys, the shadows, the clothes, everything was just rendered so beuaitfilly. Then the future happened. Ruined everything. They changed the future chars drastically from the last game. It cuaght me off guard. But since i spent all my time in the animus i really didnt care. I flet like my PS3 got a new graphics card when I started playing. BEST FEELING EVER
Features: IDK
Multiplayer is allowed. But..... I never got around to it..... Someone do this this later... thanks
Support: 9
Patches and updates are pretty easy for the PS3 ... if you have internet. I heard that a patch was put out for some graphic bugs in the Underground on day 1. Idk haven'y updated. Didn't care. lol. It is multiplatform. PS3 XBox 360 and PC
Final: 8.9/10
With stupid future missions that coulda been a lil more like the past, amazing gameplay, bueatiful graphics, and great sound this game really is a game of the month. And I wouldn't be suprised if game of the year made the cover soon.
Add. Comments...
Just one. There is a Season Pass which is DLC for an alternate timeline for the game... coming soon. Looks GREAT. Thats all boys and girls.


Very Happy



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