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Persona 2 Review

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1 Persona 2 Review on October 29th 2011, 11:43 am


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Persona. An RPG Game created by Atlus. It revolves around main characters using Persona, or 'other self'. This is done in many ways. In Persona 3, it is done by putting a special gun to your head and pulling the the trigger. Other games, it is treated like a Final Fantasy Summon. The Persona series in different in each and ever game, so if you pick one up, the story's will seem quite different. In any case, this game is unique, invoking, and entertaining.

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Plot: 10
You are the new kid in school. Rumors are spreading massively, and one is becoming increasingly popular, 'The Jokers Game'. Your friend, along with people from an enemy high school try this game. It turns out to be real. The enemy high school students are drained from existence by the Joker. What's more interesting is the fact the Joker seems to know you, claiming you ruined his life, yet you do not know him. To make matters worse, supernatural rumors that were spread are beginning to become facts, such as the one involving school. Now, you are trying to find answers why rumors are coming true, and why the Joker want's to kill you.

Originality: 7.9
This persona does seem to be unique in it's own way. However, it is borrowing concepts from previous games.

Sound: 7.5
The opening is catchy for me. Voice overs are good when they happen, it doesn't happen often. The BGM's are OK, but it can get slightly old after a bit.

Graphics: 8.5
The Spriting looks good, and the anime opening looks nice. It even retain the movies from the PS1 game from Japan.

Features: 6
It isn't multiplayer, and it it a Portable RPG. Not much to be said. But it does run faster with the Data Install.

Support: 7
The game runs good with the Data Install, but not much else. It is only for PSP in America, as the Japan is able to have the PS1 and PSP version.

Final: 8.75
The plot and gameplay elements are good. However, it might feel repetitive after some time. Does that make it a bad game? No. It is actually very addicting for me. I am playing it as I am typing up this review, truth be told. It is a game you will want to look in to, at the very least.


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