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Phantom Brave Review

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1Phantom Brave Review Empty Phantom Brave Review on August 11th 2011, 5:07 pm


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Global Moderator
As we all know, Nippon Ichi Software is well known for its sleep-depraiving Srategy RPGs, which take WAY more than 200 hours to unlock everything. (I am not kidding. On Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories for PS2, I have almost 150, and that is only 1 playthrough...Shocked )

In any case, NIS is one of my favorite companies, so seeing another one of their great games, I had to buy it.

Plot: 10

The game starts out moments before the deaths of 3 major characters. Thanks to a certain ritual, one of them, Ash, is spared from death by becoming a Phantom. The main character, Marona, is the daughter of the other characters that died. Ash stays by her side as her guardian, out of gratitude/guilt. She starts working as a Chroma, something like a mercenary or someone who does odd-jobs. However, because of Ash, she is give the title of 'The Possessed One', and as time goes by, more and more people hate her and blame their misforutenes on her. In spite of this, she does her job as a Chroma, though rewards are not very rewarding when she does get hired, believing in what her parents told her: "Someday, if you help people, they will love you for who you are."

Originality: 9.5

This game nearly broke the originality charts, ranging from characters, to setting, to battle system. The only thing thing 'not-so-original' is the Cameo appearances from characters from other NIS Titles.

Sound: 8.25

The voice acting is top notch, but the BGM is kinda, well, uninspiring at moments

Graphics: 9.5

The in game spriting seems like it is missing something. However, the cut-scene spriting is just beautiful. Backgrounds are standard NIS quality.

Features: 7

You can get some DLC from Playstation, but thats it. No multiplayer.

Support: 6

Load times are a bit short, but lagging occurs on your customizable island due to so many items and units being sent there. The game is also for PS2, but you will not get the bonus story of 'Another Marona' if you get the PS2 version.

Final: 9.25

Strategy lovers, bust out your wallets. This game is great one. You need to THINK FAST, and THINK HARD. Your units canonly be on the field for so long. Items used to summon them have varying effects. You have to think about eveything. I mean, EVERYTHING.

With the story, I was expecting something a bit more humorous (being a Disgaea fan and all). However, this is one VERY serious story. To sum it up in three words. I LIKE IT.lol!


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"Remember you will die."

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