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THIEF 4; Steam and/or Retail

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1THIEF 4; Steam and/or Retail Empty THIEF 4; Steam and/or Retail on January 15th 2011, 2:59 am


Well, it's about time I say that a new Thief game came out. I can only hope that it's what all of us Thief fanboys/girls can hope for gamewise, because I don't believe that Thief 4 is going to stay full retail. If any of you have seen the Thief 4 forums hosted by Montreal you might of seen this topic

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That's uziman04's topic that was was originally about Eidos decision about steam. His real topic was about "Will EIDOS be as ignorant as their competitors?" After he had ranted to Eidos about Steam and asking whether or not they were including retail-standalone OR steam (See COD: Modern Warfare) not a very hard question to answer in the least, and I would like to know the answer as well. well if you have gone through the link you have noticed that van_hellsing is in the place of uziman's post. I did see the topic with my own eyes beforehand, I checked up on it later to confirm whether or not that this game would be worthy of my wallet. Lo' and behold, EIDOS had deleted his post with some generic load of (excuse my language) Bullshit. Really now Eidos, a cover up? The only explanation for not wanting to answer that question is that Thief IV will be fully steam based. Now, it's not the steam-bit that gets me, I can easily emulate a steam game that I purchased so I can play (LAN) without being online (2-3 kbps D/L speed on dial-up) but rather the response to such a question. Why, within a few measly hours of posting the evidence was erased. I wish I had taken a snapshot of the post beforehand but I couldn't believe my eyes. With this evidence at hand, I really do believe that Thief 4 will be a steam-only title. Unless Eidos announces differently don't expect me to purchase this game right off the bat. Here's a snapshot of it now (below)

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