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Steam is... GOOD!!! *Blech*

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1Steam is... GOOD!!! *Blech* Empty Steam is... GOOD!!! *Blech* on July 3rd 2011, 12:18 am


How many people would like steam to go? Especially for the CoD series? *raises hand*, Steam just ruins all of the fun of TRYING to play a game, and I'm NOT talking about the dedicated servers for CoD, so fanboys of steam can shut the hell up on that. Yes I realize that Steam supports modding and ingame consoles and all that other great shit...


Do you know what Steam can NEVER support!?

DIAL-UP! And/Or limited internet connections!

Seriously though, what's wrong with having a nice duo? Have half and half? One half retail (I mean NO steam whatsoever) and the other half WITH steam. Appeal to a wider audience, that's why I can play CoD4 ON LAN!, you can't in anything PAST MW2, I heard that you can play games in lan in Black-Ops, but you still NEED internet.

And all I ever hear is "Well all of my games are in one place", and "It's easier to download games than going out to buy them", and "I'd rather be able to install the game on multiple computers"


Get this...

Seriously, it's not like it will kill you to go 5 blocks out ot your local Walmart or Gamestop or 3rd party ma' and pa' shop. I can say this with earnest because I LIVE in the boonies!!! I am 20 miles from the nearest videogame outlet either way! so all of you saying that you can't get off your lazy asses to buy a game is pretty pathetic, I mean wasn't it more fun to go there with your friends and browse through the games and actually SOCIALIZE?

Listen, I don't mind steam as a 3rd party program, it's a REALLY nice all-in-one solution, but only for those with NICE internet connections. By all means, have your steam and your achievements and your chat, but I'll stick to my private LAN parties which you can't do unless EVERYONE is connected to the internet (Which is IMPOSSIBLE to do out here) And also wouldn't you get tired of updating for 5 hours? It really makes it impossible to have LAN parties since almost no-one will have the correct versions and there is no stand-alone updates. So say goodbye to LAN parties, and I am sick of having to crack my own games in order to play them.

Anyone who wants to discuss this I will be glad to support or debate with them.


...You've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?

I aim to please... Although, you should know ahead of time that I don't aim very high.

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2Steam is... GOOD!!! *Blech* Empty Re: Steam is... GOOD!!! *Blech* on July 14th 2011, 12:42 am


Global Moderator
Global Moderator
Steam is one program that a lot of computer gamers can not live without, i am not one of them. The idea of steam is good in theory but to me it is more of a hindrance than anything. Well the internet i have at home is not really Steam friendly, i have HughesNet Satellite internet it's better than the dial-up that i had before (witch you could not use steam at all) but it still takes days to play a game that i picked up at the local store. With satellite internet you are stuck with daily download limits and high ping, both of witch don't help. Every time you go to install a game there is 100's of megs of updates witch i can't download during the day so i have to wait until 2 in the morning when the internet is unlimited to download it, just so i can play it a day or two later. Its just a pain in the ass, waiting a few days just to play a game you waited a week or two to be deliver in the mail if you order it online. Also i can't download games over Steam because it is impossible to download a 2 to 10 gigabyte game in 5 hours on a 1 megabit connection.

It would be so much better as a extra not something mandatory.


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~Basemental Assault Specialist~


3Steam is... GOOD!!! *Blech* Empty Re: Steam is... GOOD!!! *Blech* on August 30th 2011, 6:41 pm


ok the link to the updated unreal three engine


game is called samaritan. epic games with the help of unreal are gonna go places



4Steam is... GOOD!!! *Blech* Empty Re: Steam is... GOOD!!! *Blech* on August 30th 2011, 11:51 pm


ZaChi, please stop spamming the forums with your posts, and if you do, make sure that they're more than 20 words in length with proper grammer Wink


...You've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?

I aim to please... Although, you should know ahead of time that I don't aim very high.

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