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Horror Franchise

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26Horror Franchise - Page 2 Empty Re: Horror Franchise on July 23rd 2012, 5:10 pm


I've been playing Amnesia: Dark Descent for a little while now, I have to say, it's pretty damn scary. I have no idea on how these monsters keep grabbing me, and the fact that I have to run away and NOT fight back is the most frightening aspect of all.

An actual story of my playing Amnesia:

I walk through a long dark hallway, just barely lit by my lantern to keep my sanity from plunging into nothingness. A sound comes from behind, I whip around and the door behind me bashes open carrying some papers blowing in on nothing but a gust of wind. My character's hands are shaking now from the event as I back away from the opened door.

I continue down the hallway with my character's labored breathing sounding amplified in the empty corridor. I hear footsteps above me and I stop suddenly as the thumping slowly makes it's way towards me and I watch as dust gets knocked from from the ceiling from every step. Then, just as suddenly as it started, it stops. An earth-shattering roar shakes the foundations of the stone as I sprint towards the nearest exit, tripping and falling on the ground as my character cringes from the sound and the events unfolding.

I force my character to crawl towards the exit and stagger up and run when I hear the door bash open behind me as I pick up a chair while sprinting and throw it wildly at the blur behind me while passing through my own doorway slamming it firmly shut. My character looks frantically around the room with blurred vision as I spot a desk which I hurriedly shove in front of the door as a crashing sound is heard from the other side.

A blood curdling howl is heard from the opposite side of the door and my character's blood runs cold, looking around quickly and dousing the lantern he runs to a cabinet, whipping the door open and throwing items to the side as I dive in, closing the door behind me. Not 2 seconds afterward the door explodes open and the desk sent flying as this horrendous humanoid creature lumbers into the dark room.

My character's breathing is shaking and uneven as he creeps the door open to peek at the monster and quickly shuts the door and whimpers to himself as the creature makes its way past the cabinet. Hearing the monstrous breathing and growling makes my character whimper even more and his vision is going haywire as the monster hits objects and searches for its prey.

Eventually the noise dies down and I open the door of the cabinet peeking out and sighing relief as my character jumps down and lights a torch on the wall in the room to recover some sanity from the clutching darkness that envelops the castle. After some time when my character has calmed down, I take a deep breath and move on, watching the shadows and staying ever alert as I make my way to the inner sanctum.

This is a small excerpt of what it's like to play the prey in Amnesia. At times it's frustrating as hell because there's nowhere to hide at times. They also promote not looking at the monsters, because if you look at a monster, the chances are that the monster will more likely notice you. You have to monitor your sanity, which as it drops it would slowly hinder your ability to move/see/think.

Overall, it's truly an amazing genre, but it's a love-hate relationship at times. Laughing


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