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Official Template for Reviews

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1Official Template for Reviews Empty Official Template for Reviews on January 21st 2011, 12:27 am


Official Template For Reviews

This is just a reference for reviews, if you would just like to write a review without ranking it, that’s fine also.

In the first paragraph you should try to draw in the reader and explain to anyone new with the game franchise what the previous games are generally about.

Then the second paragraph should have to deal with what the generalities that this game includes (Basically, first impressions, and the rest of the review goes here)

If you are ranking a game with your review, this is the only time I will ask you to stay within this criteria.

The Plot 1-10
Talk about what it’s about, what are the bad points? What are the good points? (Include spoiler-alerts for anything that might be a giveaway)

Originality 1-10
How original is the idea? Is it borrowing from another game?

Sound 1-10
Is it Original? How’s the quality? Are there any bugs in the sounds? Does it become annoying after a bit of time?

Graphics 1-10
How sharp do the graphics look? Are they well optimized for the Console/PC? Do they correspond with the game? Are they unique by standards?

Features 1-10
Does it include multiplayer? If so does it include LAN? Are mods supported?

Support 1-10
Is the game supported by its developers? Is it easy to update? How tedious is it to get the game running? Does it constantly crash? Is it multi-platform (OS-wise and Console)

Final 1-10
What you just covered, but in an overview and with your own final opinion of the game.

Additional Comments

Any additional comments should go here

Good points to remember!

Remember to be a constructive critic, and don’t be afraid to point out the bad spots as this helps the developers polish their new games to fix these previous flaws.

Put in your own flair! Add jokes, poke at the gameplay, write what really ticked you off about he game.Without it being your personal opinion this isn’t fun and sounds more like a biography.

And above all….



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