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My *First* Try

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1My *First* Try Empty My *First* Try on July 31st 2011, 4:32 am


Well, I took this time to write a short story that I thought you all
might enjoy... I took the idea from when I wrote about Killing Floor 2 and what it could('ve) be/been. It's a survival story after the supposed Zombie Apocalypse, and basically this story shows what would happen to an everyday (albeit lucky as hell) human-being when this were to first
occur. This is my first writing attempt to actually conceive a story to it, so don't be too harsh alright? Wink ... I'm planning on writing a small novel after I get some more experience in. I know Eclipse is just going to love this story at the end (I just kinda stuck it in because it fit)

"I've got to get to the next building!" he huffs out, as a man
with brown hair runs down a hallway. As he runs, holding his wrist, he
look to see that the swelling had started to go away. "Why of all places
*huff* is there a *huff* fucking zombie in the fridge!?" A slight
crackle comes in the man's ear ear, and a wheezy voice, not unlike that
of a half-strangled goat, responds "Well, if you hadn't of fucked off
and went searching for a drink, we wouldn't be in this shit now would
we!?" To which he angrily replies while rounding yet another corner in
the blood-strewn hallway, "We? WE!? I'm the only one down here you
retard! *huff* You're nice and safe in that geek-base of yours. *huff*
The only reason WHY I'm down here..." He stops dead in his tracks as he
passes through the final cracked doorway. "What is tha-" he mouths and
goes dead silent, as the humped figure starts shuffling around. It stops
in the middle of the room, not 50 yards from where the man now stood.
The man, thinking of a way to get by without attracting any unwanted
attention, stood his ground. "Maybe it won't notice if I..." He drifts
off, seemingly without purpose, the figure starts clawing at the ground
while stopping to sniff the air. You hear a squelch come in as you dive
behind some makeshift cover. "Kerry! What the fuck's going on!? What the
hell is that thing in the camera?" As soon Kerry started to to grimace,
making a mental note to shove the ear bud down the squeaky man's throat
as soon as he was back. "Shut the hell up John!" Kerry whispered
harshly. "I don't know how well that thing can hear man..." You take a
peek around the corner, and the figure is just standing there over the
hole it had just dug. No, it was more than that, it was listening for
something. The figure cocked it's head as a giant lathering foamed
tongue started to droop out of it's cheek. Kerry watched in fascination
as the figure started to turn around, just then the wall he was leaning
against creaked. Just then the creature whirled around and shrieked,
Kerry sat back against the wall covering his ears as the unbearable
sound ruptured through the very foundations of the building. Wriggling
in agony, he eventually came to his senses hearing John screaming "WHAT
gripped his head in his hands "I'm fine John, quit yelling... Shit what
the FUCK was that thing? Ugh, I feel like I just got beaten to shit by
the entire Yankees team...". The room went quiet for a while, Kerry
could really care less what it was, just so long as he never heard
anything like that again. "I don't know exactly what that was, Kerry...
Are you ok? Can you walk?". Kerry stood up a little shakily, "Yeah, I'm
fine bud, just a lil' shaken is all... And the bright side is that I
can't feel my wrist." Kerry started checking around cautiously, the
creature was gone, or was it? Images of the creature stalking him
through the buildings made him shudder, and he drew out his
Smith&Wesson .445 SuperMag Revolver. Kerry had always liked
revolvers, and was a crack shot at that, earning him the name Slick from
John. As a couple of sounds in the street made him look, he caught a
glimpse of the creature crawling up another broken-down building. "John
are you seeing this?" Another much quieter voice replied "Yeah Slick, I
see him... Why is he running away from you? Shouldn't you have been his
takeout?" Kerry started down the hallway towards the hole that the
creature had made, only it wasn't just a hole, it was filled with some
vile smelling liquid that looked like a cross between cat excrement and
his mother's casserole. Kerry nearly puked at the smell that wafted up
his nose, gagging viscously and stumbling away. He honestly felt like he
was choking, his eyes watered, his nose and throat burned. "Man, that
shit reeks" he sputtered out. "Kerry, you know that you have to-" Kerry
cut John off, "No FUCKING way man! You are NOT making me touch that
shit!" Kerry started out of the building's open room and slid down the
rubble to the ground outside before John could say otherwise. Standing
around, he noticed that the smell was still clinging to him, "Ah well,
nothing a good shower can't fix...". Getting a grip on his bearings
while he listened to the wind... And to a slight rumbling sound. "Wait a
second, is that thunder? No, it's too constant..." He turns around as a
little boy rounds the corner. At first, he looked like a normal child
of around 8 years of age running down the road, he of course stopped and
sniffed the air a mere 40 feet from Kerry, turning until the child
stopped in his direction, his eyes fixated on Kerry and he made a weird
throaty grunt that turned into a joyous cry. "Ummm... Kerry? He smells
you? How is-" As the kid sprinted towards Kerry arms extended mouth
open, as his features cam into view he looked more and more like a
demon-borne rather than a 8 year old boy, the foam in his mouth and the
blood on his face, the eyes... The eyes of a bloodthirsty animal. Kerry
raised his arm and fired one well-placed shot at the kid straight
through the head. The .445 round easily penetrated the child's cranium
and removed the back half of his head as well. He heard John say "Whoo!
What a shot! Did'ja you see!?" Kerry felt that common cold feeling that
he knew all too well. He simply sheathed his weapon and started walking
away silently ignoring all of John's compliments on the shot, the
slickness, the placing. None of that mattered to Kerry, "This is all
just a video game game to him, if he were to fire a real gun outside of
his little screen he would know..." He thought silently to himself. He
continued for 5 yards when he realized that the rumbling had been
increasing for sometime after his shot. "John, shut up, can you hear
that?" Just then a handful of people rounded the corner and straight
towards Kerry. Just as he reached for his gun, he heard John scream
"Kerry! ZOMBIES!!!" and just then all of it made sense, the creature,
the pool, the boy. It was a system, a system to find the last of his
kind and eradicate them. "The smell! SHIT they can smell that goop!" He
looked behind him in earnest to find something, anything that would
provide safety. He looked back just in time to see a whole stampede
running after him, that's when all of his training took over and he ran
like never before. Over cars, across all of the debris that stood in his
way and the safety of his being. Glancing behind him occasionally, he
saw that the group was more than 40 zombies in number. Luckily for him,
he was still in great shape for his age and current occupation, whatever
that meant. "I've just got to get somewhere where they can't get to...
or make them lose my scent..." As he weaved in and out of the cars and
debris an idea formed in his head. "They can't catch me if I'm going
faster than they are. John!" he screamed into the microphone. "Yeah I'm
here! Whadduya need!?" John asked hurriedly. "I need you to look up for
me a wiring of a certain car that I passed by when I entered the
building. Remember that Old Galaxy 500 I commented on?" "Ummm, yeah,
why? What do you need with the wiring fo- OH!" He cut off, and
everything went silent except for the crowd coming closer on Kerry's
heels. Kerry, hoping to gain some time, decided to cut through the
parking lot. His heart beating wildly, he pumped his legs as fast as he
could hearing the morbid group gain closer on him. "Why did I choose to
even bother with this shit? I could've been easily been able to stay at
one of the impounds if I hid my condition... But where would John go? He
genuinely has no-one to go to and I can't just leave him to his own
devices" His thoughts ran off as he drifted into autopilot. He was woken
out of his daydream by a sudden crash behind him. "Shit! *huff* *huff*
JOHN!" To which he got a hushed muffled response "Aaaalmooost there,
hold on just a bit...." Kerry, felt like his lungs were on fire and his
legs felt like jelly, every car that he jumped over was slowly ebbing at
his reserves. There! He knew he saw it, that bright blue had to be it!
Kerry made his way towards the car as fast as he could, but he knew that
he was running out of time. 50 yards, huffing into the small microphone
as if encouraging the computer whiz to move faster knowing death was at
hand. 35 yards, Kerry now dangerously close to collapsing from the
marathon he was running. "Just a bit more..." He thought as his vision
flickered. 15 yards all he could hear was the sound of his heartbeat in
his own ears and feel his legs jarring the ground, but he knew that they
were hungry... So hungry for him. 5 yards, he started to slow down,
desperately hoping the door was unlocked, and to his amazement it was!
Right as he reached the car door he heard a crackle as John pronounced
triumphantly "Kerry? Listen very-carefully!!!" Kerry got in the car and
out of habit locked the door as his body spasmed from the 250 yard dash.
"*huff* You have *huff* part of my attention. *huff*" John now
realizing this was it yelled "Green to blue, red to yellow and cut the
ground!" After a few seconds of scrambling around and grabbing his
knife, Kerry set to work on beating the world's fastest hot wire in
history. He managed to slip out "Nothing special *huff* with this one?
*huff* What about *huff* the Blu-?" SMACK! as the first body hit the
car, Kerry didn't bother looking up, he knew what it was. "What Ker-"
SMACK! SMACK! As more bodies hit the car. Kerry, a state renown
electrical engineer skillfully connected all of the wires. "Now I just
tap the blue on the red and gas n' go" To which John answered amazed
"Yeah... That's it". SMACK! CRACK! SMACK! It sounded like a riot out
there now with bodies squirming to get inside of the metal deathtrap. It
never ceased to amaze Kerry how the whole thing happened so fast, in a
matter of hours a whole country was gone. His job... His Wife... His
kids... All he had left was memories, and a promise that he would keep
no matter what the cost. Whhhhheeeeeeeerrrrr, the car jolted as it
started to life on the very first try. Kerry being very pleased with
himself, was about to shift into gear when the glass shattered next to
him. He was grabbed at, hit, scraped, and was almost pulled from the
car. "NO! I made it this far, I'm NOT stopping now you fucking
bastards!" he screamed at them, whether they understood it or not, he
was pissed now as he jawed one in the face, freed his arm grabbed the
shifter and gunned it. The Galaxy peeled out easily, not stopping for
the dozens of undead pedestrians in its wake. As he swerved, more bodies
fell of the car and more blood was painted on the now smashed car. It
looked more like something that was driven straight from the depths of
hell, not to mention the driver as well. With only 2 stragglers left on
the car, Kerry felt like he needed a little payback, he unholstered his
weapon and with a crazy glint in his eye, popped the one on the roof
without even looking. He was then smashed in the head and the gun went
off, the car squelched as it swerved dangerously to the side of the
curb. Kerry was able to correct it though, and made another attempt at
the demon's life, *click* *Click* "Shit!" Kerry exclaimed as the claw
came dangerously close to his face again. Without having time to reload,
he flipped the gun around and smashed the butt right into the
creature's temple, rendering it partially disabled. The creature started
hissing and spattering blood all over the car and on Kerry as well.
Kerry shielded his face and the car smashed its side into a lamppost.
Rocking back and forth to avoid the creature's deadly claw, he made a
second attempt on its life, this time aiming for the nose. CRAAAAACK!
the creature immediately went limp. Much to Kerry's relief it didn't
move again. Much to his annoyance though, John spoke. "That was GREAT,
awesome move Kerry!" Kerry sighed, John may be a bit messed up in the
head, but he was the only friend that he had here. "So when can you give
me those parts John?" To which John replied smartly "As soon as I get
mine, then we'll move on to the next city and hopefully to civilizati-"
The rest was a blur as the car was jolted from it's place on the road
and a matted flash of deep crimson red smashed the windshield causing
Kerry to frantically turn. The car hit the curb and flipped like a
tinker toy batted by a large cat. Kerry, with John screaming in his ear,
hanging upside down in the car looked around, looking down he could see
that he was seriously hurt, the bleeding was an obvious sign of that.
"What was that red thing?" He unbuckled his seat belt clumsily, and fell
onto the shattered glass, causing him to bleed more. Coughing up thick
globs of blood, he crawled from the dying car and stood weakly. John
was frantically trying to tell him something, but he couldn't understand
what was going on. "GET O--- THERE! KER-- IT--- CREAT------
*crackling*" The radio went dead after a few more seconds, relieving
Kerry in a morbid sense. "Well at least I got to drive a few blocks
today in a nice car" he chuckled to himself. He was so tired from all of
the fighting, the blood, the loss... He just wanted to stop it all and
go back to how life was supposed to be... Not this cheap imitation of 28
Days Later. "Oh God, I've had enough, JUST KILL ME NOW!!! I'm DONE
playing these games" As his vision started to flicker from the loss of
blood and the exhaustion, he welcomed the feeling with a knowing that he
had truly done all he could to keep his promise. Now it was time to
rest, permanently... "Maybe death will humor me and give me a nice
resort in the Key West on a vacation with my family... Just without the
in-laws..." He laughed at his own statement, causing more coughing fits
as he sunk to his knees. His vision retained a bit longer as he saw the
reddish thing come closer to him... The creature with it's crimson skin
and long blackish tongue, partially exposed brain and twisted torso.
Kerry, instead of fear, rather thought it odd for such a creature to
even be such a red as that. As the creature hunched over him, he began
smelling the putrid stench of that goo again. His eyes started to fail
him and he just waited for the end to come, as he drifted off into his
unconsciousness... *Crack* *BOOM* And he heard gunshots in the distance.
When the creature shrieked its last, all he could hear was his wife
singing and his kids laughing and playing in their yard while he just
sat there in the lawn chair sipping a nice cold pink lemonade, his wife
Cheryl passed by saying "Are you okay hun?" and then just walked across
the porch and slapped him across the face. Shocked and knocked senseless
his wife repeated again "Are you okay hun?" in a much more aggressive
tone. He then backed away from his wife and ran through the yard,
towards his kids, when he grabbed them to take them away from the mother
one bit his arm. He stepped back as be turned and fell on his chest.
Knocking the wind out of him, he crawled away from his now demented
family trying to run, but was whipped around as his family distorted
right before his eyes, slowly deforming and foaming at the mouths, ribs
cracking and vertebrae cracking as they became covered in blood. He
looked up as they became zombies right before his eyes, "NO! NOT AGAIN,
OH GOD NOT AGAIN! PLEASE NO!!!" The kids held him down while slashing
his chest open with their newly formed claws, his wife smiled in her
most morbid fashion and yelled "CLEAR!!!" as she plunged into his chest.
Again and again he ripped his chest apart while yelling "CLEAR!!!"
"CLEAR!!!" "CLEAR!!!" As he screamed in agony he closed his eyes weeping
in disgust at himself. When he opened his eyes again, he was in a tiny
white room filled with odds and ends machinery that you would find in a
hospital. He looked down where he had seen his son bite him and was
surprised to find an IV in it's place. His chest and arms were covered
in bandages as well as his left leg being in a cast. Not as much as 10
seconds went by when a bunch of people rushed into the room, he was
surprised at the short stocky lady who lead the group, she was very
clean and had a nice demeanor about her, but also she seemed quite
strict at the same time, like a caring mother. The group stopped at the
foot of the bed and he heard the woman say, "Why hello Kerry Trentwood,
you gave us quite a scare when we found you in the clutches of that
mongrel beast, but as you can see you're quite safe here now." Kerry
managed to fight back the pain and say "Where the hell am I?" To which
everybody looked around nervously, while the kind lady stated in a
factual tone "Why Mr. Trentwood, welcome to Umbrella"


*Yawn* I think that's pretty good for just 2 1/2 hours of work, came up with the idea, the story, the details and wrote it with decent grammar and only had 5-6 spelling errors (typos).

Lemme know what you think. Sleep


...You've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?

I aim to please... Although, you should know ahead of time that I don't aim very high.

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2My *First* Try Empty Re: My *First* Try on August 3rd 2011, 11:19 am


New Member
Well then.....That was interesting lol.It's pretty good I like it lol and what is Killing Floor I've never heard of it before..

3My *First* Try Empty Re: My *First* Try on August 3rd 2011, 7:01 pm


Global Moderator
Global Moderator
Killing Floor is a cooperative first-person shooter, in
which up to four players fights waves of zombie-like specimens, with each wave
becoming successively more difficult, moving through each area of the
level, until it concludes with a battle with a "boss" specimen, called
the Patriarch.

Killing floor was originally developed as a mod for Unreal Tournament and then turned into a stand-alone game.

Hope that helps. If you want more info, look-up "killing floor game" in Google.


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4My *First* Try Empty Re: My *First* Try on August 3rd 2011, 10:15 pm


Well, I feel better knowing that someone actually read it and liked it. Surprised And it's not actually killing floor, I just took the writing style from killing floor and made it 3rd person. It's actually a different game universe altogether, if you read through it, you'll understand immediately if you can recognize the name I stuck in. Wink


...You've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?

I aim to please... Although, you should know ahead of time that I don't aim very high.

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5My *First* Try Empty Re: My *First* Try on August 8th 2011, 10:06 am


Global Moderator
Global Moderator
I must admit, that was rather inmpressive. And the ending, a nice twist. Congrats.Wink


Memento Mori

"Remember your mortality."
"Remember you will die."

6My *First* Try Empty Re: My *First* Try on August 8th 2011, 7:42 pm


Thanks Eclipse, I thought you'd get the ending, besides you should really recognize the creature from RE2. lol Razz


...You've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?

I aim to please... Although, you should know ahead of time that I don't aim very high.

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