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Call of Duty: World at War --Review--

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1Call of Duty: World at War --Review-- Empty Call of Duty: World at War --Review-- on February 2nd 2011, 11:07 pm


I gotta tell you that I’ve been skeptical about the CoD franchise as of late. Between the whole Treyarch conflict and their recent (but unrelenting) movement to steam-only distribution methods instead of retail. I’ve taken the risk of buying the game knowing full well that a fast connection was a crucial part of it. I also took the time to crack the game so I could play coop with my one CD-Key, correcting the LAN issues and other glorious issues. After this 3 hour (including install) setup I was able to play through the campaign without many resolving issues, there were a couple of eyebrow raisers I’ll tell you, but nothing that really broke the gameplay apart or made it unplayable. The coop was even better than expected, allowing you to choose an allotment of missions from the campaign and work together to accomplish the common goals in the campaign. But what really pipped my interest was what coop featured, deathcards (even finding them was fun) competitive scoring, because it’s always fun to beat your friends with the shit-stick by getting a 5000 point comeback in 10 seconds, and the all awesome Nazi Zombie coop map. These features definitely improved the playability of the game’s coop aspect dramatically. The multiplayer was okay (2-3 people deathmatch has its limit of fun) and the vehicles were a nice addition, but just weren’t nearly as thrilling as the previous game’s (CoD4) multiplayer.

Plot 6/10
World War 2, you’re American and Russian. Sound like something you’ve heard before? No real plot that intertwines here, it has a CoD1 plot with some new twists to keep you on your toes, they added the Japanese section of the war too, but if you’re looking for some kind of fresh invigorating story, look somewhere else.

Originality 9/10

I have to say, going back to war during World War 2 has never been this much fun, they really outdid some aspects of the game, but it’s still WW2 and as we all know, the Nazi’s lose.

Sound 8/10
During my playtesting of the game the sound was absolutely gorgeous, there was proper ambient effects that fit into the game, I did notice some bugs however, there were some guns that sounded a bit muffled and unrealistic, but overall it sounded pretty damn good.

Graphics 8/10

Some say that the graphics on this game are gorgeous, which in some aspects they are right, but unfortunately it doesn’t cut it when you’re playing the first level and the water effects fuck up really bad. I mean, I thought that I was having hardware issues at first. There were some artifacts here and there, some textures weren’t as crisp as they should have been, and a few guns felt like they weren’t doing their best animations, but overall it looked pretty good. (On a side note it looks better on my friends Xbox360 running through component on his EDTV than on my HD monitor)

Features 8/10 5/10 Original Score
The mods work ok after the updates, there are more maps and a whole lot less frustrations. I still only give it a 8/10 because these fuckers are HUGE (the 1.6 update is 900 megs) I praise the Treyarch team for fixing these flaws, but could've used a better compression, but whatever

Support 7/10

I’ll give the game credit, it does have a nice assortment of updates that fix a bunch of problems, unfortunately they don’t include any fixes for using the same cd-key in coop, so I can’t update anyways . You can include more maps (But only through the mods section) you could probably add even more things if the mods section worked consistently enough.

Final 7.6/10 7.1/10 Original
This CoD is really a nice shooter, but what it shines forth in a new coop experience, gameplay, graphics and extra little gadgets, really lacks in the flexibility, ease of setup, and little bugs. In the end you get a truly great game that just maimed itself by not having a little more polish and shine. Do this yourself a favor and just get it for the Xbox360 or PS3 to save yourself the hassle.


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