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inFamous 1&2 + the dlc Festival of Blood -{review}-

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The inFamous games are based around a character named Cole MacGrath, who just got the power to use electricity at will. And now you learn how to break out of the quarantine of a city you live in.
Not ruining anymore story but this only implies to 1
I am reviewing 1&2 AT ONCE.
1&2: overall i rate a solid 9/10 for both individually

Plot was full enough to make someone play to the end. even with the splits of good or evil intent

Originality is there in some areas. It does seem to have a nostalgic feel now and then of some other Sucker Punch games

Sound is perfect except Cole's voice is kinda evil sounding even as a good guy in 1. They fixed this in 2 by replacing the actor.

Graphics are very good. Shading and lighting and blood content all feel up to date.

Features for 1 are some powers no multiplayer. 2 has weapons and powers along with skin mods. Also 2 has user made multiplayer levels.

First imput for 2 is a lil long to load but runs smoothly otherwise

Gameplay was very enjoyable even if your are just smashing thugs heads in if you play as a hero. If not then you are running cops and pedestrians carrying weapons along with thugs. The karma meter was a very good add to the gameplay value.

Replay for me Very high to get both endings as good and bad.

Whew 2 down one left.

OK now on to the last one. The DLC of Festival of Blood. Bought on PSN for $9.99

Cole has been bitten by a VAMPIRE {wtf!?} and was forced to bring the Bloody Mary back to life with his blood.

Overall is a 8/10

Plot is very different from the normal inFamous games. But good for its use.

Originality is pretty high here. Take an walking lightning rod and make him a vampire as well.

Sound is as good as the second game.

Graphics are kinda eh or same as the rest of the inFamous. Its dark since your a vampire. But being dark shows good shadowing off light posts and your powers light as well.

Features multiplayer and user generated levels same as 2.

Support is good. Although I had a little lag when in a loading screen the sound went a little bad but fixed when done loading.

Replay is kinda eh since there is no karma meter in this one. Replay is mostly for the trophies.

And you are all lucky I couldn't use color cuz it looked bad in length.


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Forgot to mention in the DLC that you fight to cure your self. My bad jocolor


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